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It looks real. It feels real.
It even smells real.

The One Million Dollar Bill is the most authentic note on the market today!
It may not be legal tender, but it's hard to tell from looking at it. In fact, it's even harder to tell that it's not real when you touch it. Unlike cheap novelty products, the million dollar bill was custom engraved and printed by B A Banknote, one of the world's leading printers of genuine currency.

The Million Dollar Bill is ideal for corporate gifts or promotional gifts to show customer appreciation and increase company visibility. Say, "Thanks a Million" for your business and show your clients that they are worth a million.

Increase your client base using the one million dollar bill. The million dollar bill is great for business promotions and corporate gifts. These banknotes are especially effective as attention grabbers when used as a corporate or trade show giveaway. New contacts will always remember the person who made them an instant millionaire. The one million dollar bill is printed on authentic bank note paper with real security features. With the feel of real currency, you will find it hard to believe you are holding a novelty gift item and not real money.

The Back of the Million Dollar Bill features the Fort Knox Gold Depository.

An attractive gold foil embossed Gift Presentation Wallet is included with each note.

The Million Dollar Bill
In It's Infancy

Many people have contributed to the overall creation of this extraordinary product. It was in development for over a year with designers, lawyers, printers, engravers, promoters and investors. From all the research conducted to complete the design of the million dollar bill, it became apparent that the note must look real and feel real. Over $130,000 was invested into the million dollar bill in order for the vision to become a product. We achieved our goal of authenticity by having the British American Banknote Company, a printer of real currency for numerous countries in the world, print the Million Dollar Bill on genuine banknote stock paper. The success of the one million dollar bill is due to the fact that it is as real as legally possible. It is not a cheap imitation or reproduction done on a laser copier. It is as close to the real thing as the "non-negotiable" label will allow.



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